Tell CNBC: Climate Denial Is Bad For Business

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To CNBC Chief Executive Officer and President Mark Hoffman:

Tell Joe Kernen and your other on-air personalities and guests to stop denying climate science and start reporting the facts on the economic risks of fossil-fueled climate change.

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    Joe Kernen

    Earlier this week, President Obama gave a major speech marking a renewed effort to address climate change, but CNBC didn't air one minute of it. This journalistic negligence is a part of a disturbing pattern of irresponsible climate reporting at the network.

    A recent Media Matters analysis found that the majority of CNBC's climate coverage in 2013 cast  doubt on climate science, with the worst offender being Squawk Box host Joe Kernen, who recently compared climate scientists to "high priests" whose work should not be trusted.

    Sign our petition to tell CNBC Chief Executive Officer and President Mark Hoffman that his network's climate denial is bad for business.

    UPDATE: We've hit our goal of 30,000 signatures! So, we're upping the goal to 40,000.

    UPDATE #2: We've soared past 40,000. Let's go for 42,500 by Tuesday's delivery!

    Ref: REPORT: CNBC's Climate Denial Is Bad For Business, Media Matters.


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