Arizona Editors: Report on our Candidates' Climate Positions

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To be informed voters, we need to get the facts on our candidates’ climate positions. Report on climate in your coverage of the August 2014 primary election in Arizona's Congressional District 7.

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    There's a crucial climate battle happening right now in Arizona's heavily Latino Congressional District 7.

    Tuesday’s primary election offers a chance at putting a Democratic climate champion in Congress. Ruben Gallego is neck-and-neck with Mary Rose Wilcox, an establishment candidate who's been silent on climate. But still the local media neglects to report on the candidates' climate positions — despite Arizona Latinos’ 90% support for greater use of renewable energy by the Arizona Public Service (APS) and Salt River Project (SRP).

    If The Arizona Republic,, and start reporting on Gallego’s stellar climate record, climate voters will know to show up at the polls on Tuesday and support him.

    Tell the editors: Arizona voters need to know where their candidates stand on climate. Report on the candidates’ climate policies.

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