Defend Academic Freedom from Climate Change Deniers

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Stand for academic freedom — reinstate "Recursive Fury," your 2013 research on climate change deniers.

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    Climate change deniers have successfully censored peer-reviewed academic research — but now we have an opportunity to fight back for free speech.

    Earlier this year, Frontiers in Psychology, a well-respected academic journal, retracted a peer-reviewed paper that analyzed responses to research finding that people who reject climate science are more likely to believe in other conspiracy theories.

    If allowed to stand, the journal's decision could create a slippery slope, yielding increasing attempts to suppress research on climate change — but now pressure is mounting on Frontiers to reverse course and re-publish the paper. This past week, three university professors resigned from editorial positions at Frontiers in protest of the decision, which one said "puts large sections of science at risk." A strong show of public support now will help empower Frontiers to stand up to the climate change deniers and ensure the rights of the paper's authors are upheld.

    Stand up for academic freedom — sign the petition calling on Frontiers to reinstate the censored paper.