Demand Google quit ALEC and disclose its ties to climate deniers!

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Google needs to come clean about its financial support for climate deniers and other lobbyists! As a shareholder in Google, you've proclaimed your support for a company whose motto is "do no evil." Please help make that motto a reality by supporting the shareholder resolution, filed by Walden Asset Management, requesting that Google report annually on "payments to any tax-exempt organization that writes and endorses model legislation." In addition to supporting this important resolution, please contact Google and let them know you want the company to quit funding ALEC, the climate denial legislation factory, immediately.

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    Update: 4/6/2014

    Google just responded to our petition – telling shareholders that the company intends to oppose disclosing more information about its financial ties to ALEC and other lobby groups. But there's still time for Google to reconsider before it formalizes its decision this month.

    Sign on to show that we won't take no for an answer.

    Google has spent more than $500,000 courting climate-denying lobbyist groups—including right-wing climate denial legislation factory, ALEC—and shareholders aren't happy about it. Now they've written a resolution demanding full disclosure of Google's financial ties to lobbyists.

    To win concessions from Google’s management, the shareholders need public support. That's where we come in—sign the open letter below from SierraRise and Forecast the Facts, and show shareholders that we stand with them for a transparent, responsible Google that doesn't fund evil.

    Sign the petition to support Google shareholders' resolution for the full disclosure of Google's financial ties to climate deniers, and demand that Google quit ALEC immediately.

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