Obama: Don't Frack On Public Lands

According to President Obama, fracked natural gas “can provide not only safe cheap power, but it can only help reduce our carbon emissions.”

Unfortunately, the facts of fracking tell a different story: damaged water supplies, poisoned land, air pollution, and a global-warming impact that could be as bad as or worse than burning coal. It appears the Obama Administration has decided that hydraulic fracturing for natural gas -- fracking -- is safe and climate-friendly without regard to the scientific facts.

The Bureau of Land Management has proposed a set of rules that will allow fracking on 600 million acres of federal land, and is accepting public comments until August 23. We need to flood them with comments opposing this policy.

We’re joining with Daily Kos activists with a petition to President Obama demanding a ban on fracking on all federal lands. We will hand deliver your signatures and comments to the Bureau of Land Management before the August 23 deadline.

The Petition

The following petition will be delivered to President Barack Obama and the Bureau of Land Management:

Dear President Obama: 

Fracking threatens the air we breathe, the water we drink, the communities we love and the climate on which we all depend. Please ban fracking on public lands now.

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