60 Minutes: Appoint a Public Editor

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Your "Cleantech Crash" segment misled viewers on clean energy. Hire a Public Editor to investigate the broadcast immediately and ensure 60 Minutes' climate reporting is accurate.

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    On January 5, 60 Minutes aired a segment called "Cleantech Crash" that reported just that: a crashing clean energy economy. What did the broadcast fail to mention? That clean energy has, in large part, been booming, and much of it is driven by the increasingly severe threats of climate change.

    "Cleantech Crash" has misled viewers and posed a threat to clean energy–but fortunately, 60 Minutes can still set the record straight. By appointing a Public Editor, the program can see to it that the broadcast is investigated and all future reporting serves the public interest.

    Tell 60 Minutes: hire a Public Editor to immediately investigate the "Cleantech Crash" segment.