Stand With Harvard Faculty, Students, and Alumni for Fossil Fuel Divestment

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Add your name to show your support for the open letter from the Harvard Faculty for Divestment, sent to President Drew Faust and the Fellows of the University, and for the Divest Harvard students protesting on April 30:

I stand with Harvard faculty members, students, and alumni urging the Harvard Corporation to divest entirely from fossil fuels.

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    UPDATE #6: (12pm ET 5.2.14): Thanks to partners, Better Future Project, Climate Parents, Energy Action Coalition, and Rainforest Action Network, Divest Harvard delivered over 64,000 signatures today!

    UPDATE #5 (1:00pm ET 5.1.14): BIG NEWS! Divest Harvard students will be delivering our signatures tomorrow at noon.

    UPDATE #4 (5:15pm ET 4.30.14): We just passed our goal of 50,000 signatures! Now help us reach 60,000 while the blockade is still going strong.

    UPDATE #3 (1:55pm ET 4.30.14): With the help of coalition partners Climate Parents,, and the Energy Action Coalition, we've now got over 40,000 signatures!

    UPDATE #2 (7:45am ET 4.30.14): We've reached 28,000 signatures! Sign and share the petition to make sure we reach Harvard Divest's goal of 50,000 by the end of the day.

    UPDATE (7:00am ET 4.30.14): Police have arrived at the blockade, and asked students to move — students reported they would not move until they got a meeting with President Drew Faust on divestment.

    BREAKING: Right now, Harvard students are blockading Massachusetts Hall — the building where Harvard University President Drew Faust’s office is located — to demand that the Harvard Corporation, the world’s largest educational endowment, divest from fossil fuels, and they're not leaving until they get an answer!

    If we reach 50,000 signatures, the students of Harvard Divest will deliver our pledges of support to President Faust directly so she sees that support for this movement stretches across the country. Help us reach our goal — sign the petition now and stand with Harvard faculty, students, and alumni for fossil fuel divestment!

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