Suffolk University: Keep Out Koch Money

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The following petition will be delivered to James McCarthy, President of Suffolk University, and the Suffolk University Board of Trustees:

Koch money comes with strings attached: the Kochs' agenda and the Kochs' values. Stop accepting funding from the Kochs, and ensure Suffolk's research remains independent and its values as an educational institution remain intact.

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    David Koch's donations already threaten to undermine the integrity of Boston's flagship PBS station, WGBH—and now another Boston-based educational institution is feeling the effects of accepting the Kochs’ dirty money: Suffolk University.

    The Beacon Hill Institute, the research wing of Suffolk's economics department, recently attempted to conduct research with the professed goal of attacking the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. The institute skirted the university’s protocols and instead sought approval for the proposal from the Searle Freedom Trust, which funds ultra-conservative groups like the Heartland Institute and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

    It’s no coincidence that the Koch brothers are donors to Suffolk and major players in the Searle Freedom Trust’s partner organizations. The institute’s “research” proposal reeks of the Kochs’ anti-climate agenda.

    Sign the petition to demand that Suffolk University rejects all funding from the Koch brothers.

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