Thank you, Al Roker!

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Below is the petition we will send to NBC's Al Roker:

Climate deniers want to use the polar vortex to confuse viewers—but you didn't allow it. Thank you for taking a bold stand against Rush Limbaugh's anti-science agenda and educating the public about the realities of extreme weather.

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    Al Roker believes in science. That's why, when Rush Limbaugh ridiculed the term "polar vortex" as a tool for the "leftist agenda" on climate change, Roker spoke up and told science skeptics to "stuff it." Roker proved that "polar vortex" has been in the meteorologist vocabulary for decades and put the science front and center—exactly where it belongs.

    Roker took a bold stand against climate denial. Sign the petition to thank him for his responsible scientific weathercasting.

    Watch Roker take down Limbaugh's denial here.