US Olympic Committee: Save the Winter Olympics, Reject BP's Sponsorship

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As one of the biggest climate polluters, BP is directly threatening the future of the Winter Games. Yet, BP is sponsoring Team USA at the Sochi Olympics. 

Sign the petition to the US Olympic Committee and CEO Scott Blackmun: reject BP and other fossil fuel companies as a Team USA sponsor.

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    Anyone tuning into the Winter Olympics this year has been inundated with BP commercials touting its sponsorship of Team USA in Sochi. But, while BP funnels money to Team USA, its business ‒ extracting and selling oil ‒ drives changes to the climate which threaten the very future of the Winter Games.

    Tell the US Olympic Committee: it's time to stand up for the future of the Winter Games by rejecting BP as a Team USA sponsor. Please sign and share the petition today. 
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