Late Night TV's Top 5 Moments in Denial-Busting

Jon Stewart just delivered an epic takedown of climate change deniers, but that was hardly the first time late night TV has taken them on. Check out the top five moments in climate denial busting below — and share widely!

1. Jon Stewart Destroys Deniers in the Senate

As climate change deniers like Rep. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) continue to attack the proposed EPA rule on power plant emissions, Jon Stewart points out: Republican climate deniers won’t listen to scientists, they won’t listen to Democrats, and they won’t even listen to members of their own party. What’s the solution? Barack Obama must become a climate denier to win them over. [The Daily Show, 6/19/2014]

2. Stephen Colbert Channels Climate Denier Logic

Underscoring the absurdity of cable news pundits who believe snow disproves global warming, Stephen Colbert insists: it’s dark outside — ergo, the sun has been destroyed. [The Colbert Report, 2/10/2010]

3. A “Representative Climate Change Debate” with John Oliver

Cable news continues to host “balanced” debates on climate change between scientists and climate deniers. John Oliver exposes the false balance and shows what a balanced climate change debate really looks like. [Last Week Tonight, 5/11/2014]

4. Bill Maher Rips Into Notorious Denier James Inhofe

Back in 2009, we all still had hope something substantial might come out of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen — and Bill Maher seized the opportunity to predict just how big a meltdown climate change deniers would have if it did. [Real Time with Bill Maher, 10/2/2009]

5. The Five Stages of Climate Denial, by Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert exposes a particular breed of climate denialists in the media: those who say climate action wouldn’t help anyway. He goes onto explain this is simply the fifth stage of conservative climate change grief: “denial, denial, denial, denial, and acceptance.” [The Colbert Report, 1/28/13]

Honorable Mention:
Denial on Fox News Makes Jon Stewart’s Head Explode

In the winter of 2014, when cold temperatures swept through New York, Fox News correspondents decided global warming was dead. Jon Stewart’s reaction? “Right now, parts of my body are getting angry that I didn’t know even could get angry.” [The Daily Show, 1/6/2014]

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